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The lack of ethnic diversity within the head coaching realm in the National Football League is appalling to say the least on the situation.

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A rule which has basically become nothing more than a slight formality, has finally not only been called out, but shown that it had no place to begin with.

The lawsuit from former head coach Brian Flores against the NFL is soundly just – and the suit shows that the Rooney rule is basically a farce, as NFL organizations continue to hire non-ethnic coaches, despite the fact the league is comprised of nearly 60% non-white players.

As things stand at the current moment, there is only one black head coach in the NFL, in Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin – although this could change with the situation in Houston with Lovie Smith (who may be hired more to quell the recent Flores discussion).

The rule in place states that all organizations must interview a minority candidate before proceeding to name a head coach. Although this has been the case since the rule was enforced, it has borne little fruit in hiring minority coaches – and technically all it has done is insult minority coaches as they know the “interview” is nothing more than a farce to appease the league and rule.

With each interview, each head coach named is a white head coach. This has been completely the case within this season already, with the numerous openings all being filled by white head coaches only. It is becoming insulting to each minority head coach that must waste their time knowing they were never even in serious contention for any of these positions.

It is more than time for the NFL to try and do something about this rule – what that might be remains to be seen, but the recent lawsuit from Flores is a step in the right direction as the NFL needs to step into the 21st century and address this racist issue. has a 2-star pick on this game. Click here to sign up!


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| Title: The Rooney Rule: A Flawed System
| Author: Alex Perl
| Date: Feb 8, 2022


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The Rooney Rule: A Flawed System

The lack of ethnic diversity within the head coaching realm in the National Football League is appalling to say the least on the situation. Click here […]
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