Sports Handicapping Software

When the founders of Handicapper911 first sat down to discuss their potential handicapping service, the main idea they all shared was providing sports bettors with a fresh new take on the pick selling industry. They knew that if they stayed focused on the profits they provided for their clients – and not themselves – they could separate from the pack. In order to build a reliable and experienced team behind this service, Handicapper911 has mixed “Old School” processes with “New School” sports handicapping software.

Tried-and-tested handicapping methods from some of the savviest and experienced sports handicappers in the industry, many of which worked with bookies offshore and in Las Vegas, are measured against ground-breaking sports handicapping software, designed and operated exclusively for Handicapper911 by some of the most innovative young minds in the sports betting industry. Combining those methods, our team is able to isolate the oddsmakers’ biggest mistakes and inform our clients of the optimal way to get the most out of their daily sports bets. You don’t have to be in trouble to call Handicapper911 – you just have to want a new way to win at sports betting.